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The company plans to unfold its business plan by installing its patent pending technology HOGE in 4 of the biggest heavy oil fields in the United States. With working models in these regions the company will then begin to expand and grow its production by drilling new wells or retrofitting existing ones throughout these fields. The company will further expand through exclusive and non-exclusive licensing agreements and joint venture projects with solid mid to major oil companies. With working models in these oil fields potential investors, licensees, and JV partners will get a firsthand look at how cost effective, eco friendly, versatile, and profitable the HOGE technology is. Once we have a solid footing in the US market we will venture to the international market where we believe our product will have great acceptance in the markets of UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Albania to name a few.

 •  The San Miguel Tar Sands in the Maverick Basin , Zavala County, Texas contains over 5B bbls of heavy oil.
    This pay zone is up to 160 ft thick that blankets 2 counties and contains a heavy oil and natural gas mixture. The first pilot well will
    be drilled in this area.


            HOGE Project #1

                Sidewall Core Analysis - Part 1 (1,215' through 1,605')

                Sidewall Core Analysis - Part 2 (1,624' through 2,055')

                Well log


           Current images taken of the lease and lease location map

                Location of lease interests

                Existing Equipment on the Lease (Mr. Gene Rineer, VP of Parker Technologies)

                Existing Storage Tanks

                Existing Storage Tanks (2nd pic)

                Oil Tap

 • The San Rafael Swell region in the Uinta Basin, Uintah County, Utah has some of the thickest accumulation of Heavy oil Tar Sands
    in the nation with pay zones of over 80 foot thick and accumulation of 45 million barrels per square mile much of this is untouched
    and on government land but the rumblings are that it will be open for production in the near future and they would like to see eco
    friendly tech used in the recoveries much like ours. Our second HOGE will go here on a lease that has good heavy oil reserves.

 • Kern County, California has multiple large oil and gas fields several of which are heavy oil. Most of the heavy oil technology used

    today was developed and tested here. There are literary thousands of heavy oil wells that can be retrofitted with our technology.

    Our third HOGE will be installed in this area.


 • The Black Warrior Basin, Franklin and Lawrence Counties, in Northwest Alabama which contains The Hartselle Tar Sands
    formation with reserves over 2.5B bbls is basically virgin to any type of production efforts. The sand doesn’t have very good
    cement qualities and therefore hard to produce because the fractures cave in when oil is extracted. This formation would need
    a significant amount of pressure forced into it to make it production worthy, our technology provides this and would thrive in this region.


The resulting completion of 4 pilot wells setup in all 4 regions in the United States will situate the company to begin unfolding its plan for an aggressive expansion of our technology throughout these heavy oil fields. The company will need to land a much larger amount of funding to put these units in at a rate of 20 at a time. The production sales should be able to help fund the expansion. We will begin to explore JV partners and exclusive and non-exclusive licensees in the US market. The company would also like to purchase several rigs, one in each oil field to cut costs and speed up expansion and production.

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